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We're Passionate About Seeing You Grow

Ross Roberts is the founder and president of Ross Roberts Ministries, a graduate of Rhema Bible Training College, and a certified member of the John Maxwell Team.  Ross also served in the United States Army.

With an emphasis on CONNECTING, EXCHANGING, and EMPOWERING, Ross has planted and pastored churches for over forty years. As an itinerant, Ross has traveled and ministered across the United States.

Ross and his wife, Colleen are gifted in bringing together various ministries to work together as teams. In their campmeetings, conferences, and seminars, there is always a “flow of the Holy Spirit: with an emphasis of the power of God’s word. As a member of the John Maxwell Team, Ross has taught leadership, professional coaching, and sales in churches and corporate conferences.

Through his life experiences, education, and associations, Ross is able to minister strategies for living the “good life” with a keen sense of humor.  Ross says, “Our number one job in life is to grow!”

Ross and Colleen have six children and sixteen grandchildren. They currently make their home in Mobile, Alabama.